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"I've been to war [sic]. I've raised twins. If I had a choice, I'd rather go to war." -- Bush, flat out lying in 2002.

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A Visit to the Proctologist

By: LauraPublished: 04/29/1999
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A gay guy falls in love with a proctologist. He goes to the proctologist's office and says he has an obstruction. So the proctologist sticks his hand up the guy's ass but can't find anything. However, he notices that the man has an erection, so the proctologist cuts short the examination and orders the gay guy out of his office.

The next day, the gay guy calls the proctologist and claims he has another obstruction. The proctologist doesn't believe him but the guy claims he is in great pain, so the doctor relents.

When the guy arrives, the doctor sticks his hand up the guy's ass again but this time he finds something. "Good God!!!", the doctor exclaims, "No wonder you're in pain-there are two dozen roses shoved up your ass!". The gay guy turns around excitedly and says, "Read the card! Read the Card!!"

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    Police Report
    A guy gets a call from the Police ...

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