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From one priest to another

By: joe corralPublished: 05/04/2000
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Two priests were talking over breakfast one day when one said to the other how distraught he was because his bike was stolen while he was giviing a sermon.

He asked for advice, and was told to give a sermon about the 10 commandments, when he gets to the thou shalt not steal commmandment, he should take a look around and look for a guilty looking person.

A week later, the same two preists were having breakfast again, and the one said to the other if he found out who took his bike.

"Sort of," he said, "see when I got to the thou shalt not commit adultary part, I remembered where I had parked my bike."

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sex (0 replies)
started by Anonymous Goofball
(02.27.2001 3:54:07 PM EST)

what is sex

Another commandment... (0 replies)
started by GOOFERELLA
(06.04.2000 5:26:14 PM EST)

"Thou shalt not comment...."


Another commandment... (0 replies)  
started by GOOFERELLA
(06.04.2000 5:25:30 PM EST)

"Thou shalt not comment...."

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