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Top 10 Slogans That Belong On Colostomy Bags

By: sy993588Published: 04/25/2007
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Top Ten Slogans That Belong On Colostomy Bags

10. “My other bag’s a Prada”

9. “Niblet retrieval in progress”

8. “Is your colostomy bag full, or are you just happy to see me?”

7. “Colon temporarily unavailable; busy as Secretary of State”

6. “If you think this bag is full of shit, you should meet my brother-in-law”

5. “Real men don't use gloves”

4. “The Lord is my ostomy nurse!”

3. “Contents: Starbucks Coffee Of The Day”

2. “Colostomy? Colosto-YOU!”

1. “Caution: Bush domestic policy being prepared”

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