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Top Ten Drugs The Smurfs Are On

By: AmandaWalkerPublished: 09/12/2000
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10. Trip: They live in 'shrooms, for goodness sake!

9. Steriods: Man, look at Hefty smurf. I couldn't lift half the shit he does myself and he's a quarter of my size!

8. Alcohol: Clumsy smurf should explain this. Too bad smurfs can't attend AA meetings!

7. Marijuana: Baker smurf, he constantly has the munchies, and I'm sure Papa has his own little concoction for miracle grow.

6. Crystal Meth: Papa sure has a full laboratory bubbling in his 'shroom. You think he only uses his powers for good?!

5. Cocaine: You never see the little bastards sleep for very long and they are always taking hikes to "mother nature", now aren't they?

4. Barbituates: Lazy smurf can't keep his little drug-addicted eyelids open, now can he?

3. LSD: Once again, I refer to Papa smurf's lab...

2. Heroin: Jokey smurf. He's always running around and pulling or doing SOMETHING on the other smurfs.

And the number one drug the smurfs are addicted to is...

1. Acid: they are always running around singing stupid songs and tripping out about something (i.e., "Papa smurf, oh, it's awful!")

Why not join the rest of us on the inside and get all of

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    this person is fuckin stupid (0 replies)
    started by jdm4371
    (01.31.2001 4:02:59 PM EST)

    acid is lsd. that makes numbers one and three the same. cocaine doesn't keep you up all night, that would be crystal meth

    I am the Lizard King, I can do anything

    smurf's (0 replies)
    started by lethal1
    (01.03.2001 8:32:19 PM EST)

    SMURF's Fucking RULe

    You are such an idiot.. (0 replies)
    started by toke420
    (11.23.2000 3:41:06 PM EST)

    You should kill yourself...Acid is LSD you dickhead!!!

    Mike Rajacic

    Ummmmmm (0 replies)
    started by jelinek
    (11.20.2000 6:53:43 AM EST)

    Hey.....Acid IS LSD!!!

    WoW! (0 replies)
    started by InsaneJ
    (10.11.2000 6:59:19 PM EST)

    Wow, that really gets you thinking. Those little blue guys we have grown up with are really smack fiends. That's a really good post.

    One question - Did you ever post anything like that ON WEED????

    Problems (0 replies)
    started by JSkills
    (10.07.2000 11:58:50 AM EST)

    Listing mushrooms as "trip". Listing Acid and LSD as seperate items? Forgetting X (aka MDMA) - how could you forget the "happy smiling" drug when talking about smurfs?

    Goofball Staff

    you're stupid (0 replies)
    started by cowgirlfromhell
    (09.17.2000 6:44:09 PM EST)

    dammit, LSD and acid are the same drug, there is no such drug as "trip," what the hell does heroin have to do with pulling on other smurfs and what the hell does cocaine have to do with "mother nature?"
    rant complete.

    hmm yess

    learn your drugs! (0 replies)
    started by Anonymous Goofball
    (09.14.2000 3:06:38 PM EST)

    um..FYI..acid and LSD are the same thing..and as far as i know..."trip" isn't a drug..........shrooms...yes...

    from your dad (2 replies)
    started by therealbigdog
    (09.13.2000 10:28:34 PM EST)

    Mom & I were curious as to how you know so much about drugs. GIVE US A CALL!!!!!!!!

    That would be me.. (0 replies)
    started by Asp
    (09.13.2000 11:24:05 AM EST)

    I've thought about this and talked with my friends about it. Same with the Care Bears, Scoobie Doo, Transformers and G.I. Joe. I guess I'm a freakin wierdo.

    What I can't figure out is... (0 replies)
    started by oliverclozoff
    (09.13.2000 1:17:36 AM EST)

    ...what kind of strange person knows this much about drugs AND Smurfs?

    Fellow, American Association of Amateur Gynecologists

    smurfs suck (0 replies)
    started by rook30505
    (09.12.2000 11:30:11 PM EST)

    they don't like drugs,the drugs like them

    Drive fast,take chances,and remember,unprotected sex is better than no sex

    you screwed up (0 replies)
    started by VladTepes
    (09.12.2000 7:39:51 PM EST)

    umm adam is right acid and LSD are the same drug. shoulda said XTC, cuz all the smurfs are always horny for that chick smurf.

    Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most.

    Wait... (0 replies)
    started by adam5711
    (09.12.2000 11:26:54 AM EST)

    maybe it's me, but, aren't acid and LSD the same thing?

    Damn I'm smooth.......

    Forgot one (0 replies)
    started by XorsistXtreme
    (09.12.2000 0:46:53 AM EST)

    You guys left out the most potent drug on the market... SUGAR! WHEEEE!!WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    No, I lied... (0 replies)
    started by SuicideKing
    (09.12.2000 0:37:15 AM EST)

    drugs rox my sox!

    Ryän (the §ui©ideKÏng) "This isn't me, I'm not mechanical...I'm just a boy, playing the suicide king.."

    No way, drugs are bad... (0 replies)  
    started by SuicideKing
    (09.12.2000 0:35:12 AM EST)


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