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Al Pacino

By: RobnoxiousPublished: 12/01/1998
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NAME: Al Pacino

LOCATION: Woonsocket, Rhode Island

ARREST: January 7, 1961

CHARGE: Carrying a concealed weapon

Two policemen sat in their parked squad car on Park Avenue, in a suburb of Providence, Rhode Island. It was well into the graveyard shift, when the officers noticed that the same car had passed them several times. officer William J. O'Coin, Jr., decided that they should pull the suspicious vehicle over. O'Coin approached the car with his flashlight on and looked in the car. He noticed that the three occupants were wearing black masks and gloves. "Don't tell me," the officer asked sarcastically, "you're coming from a Halloween party." The police officers had the men get out of the car. The driver was Vincent J. Calcagni, of Rhode Island, his two passengers were nineteen-year-old Bruce Cohen and twenty-year-old Alphonse Pacino, both from New York City. A search of the car's trunk turned up a loaded .38 caliber pistol. The three men were then taken to the police station and booked. During the interviews, William J. O'Coin remembered that Mr. Pacino had been very helpful. He explained that they were all actors and that he and Mr. Cohen had taken the bus up from New York to visit Mr. Calcagni, whom he had met in the service. The young men were not able to pay the $2,000 bail and were all sent to jail. The reported duration of Mr. Pacino's stay behind bars was three days. There is no record of whether he or the others were ever prosecuted or convicted.

Al Pacino

Why not join the rest of us on the inside and get all of

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    at that

    Just protecting my sheep
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    started by doesitmatter
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