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Christian Slater

By: VirtualJulPublished: 06/20/2000
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This 1994 mugshot was taken when Slater was picked up at New York's JFK Airport after trying to enter the terminal while packing a 9mm pistol. But, as we now know, this was not the end of the actor's troubles with the law...

Christian Slater has since served a three month sentence for his 1997 drug/booze-hazed rampage in an LA hotel. Before police arrived, an intoxicated Slater was said to be running through the halls half-naked and that he engaged in a heated argument with his girlfriend and punched her in the face. When the party host tried to play peacemaker, Slater also slugged him in the gut. He later admitted to police that he had been "drinking for days" and was on heroin and cocaine.

Additionally Slater's rapsheet includes a 1989, drunk driving conviction after leading police on a high-speed chase.

Christian Slater

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    Let him try that today (0 replies)
    started by roger
    (05.15.2003 12:17:44 PM EST)

    and see how far he gets.

    Just protecting my sheep
    bad boys (0 replies)
    started by liquorat711
    (03.01.2001 6:29:32 PM EST)

    you know the good girls always want the bad boys

    started by Anonymous Goofball
    (02.10.2001 12:43:13 PM EST)

    Slater is cool!

    christian slater (0 replies)
    started by spirit007
    (01.20.2001 8:19:35 PM EST)

    Hey, he's a little rich boy. Has so much money that he's bored. Rich is not alway's worth it.

    alrighty (0 replies)
    started by luvly1
    (12.03.2000 3:23:11 PM EST)

    ????...okay...he looks amused!He's still a cutie!

    a fun time (1 reply)
    started by smutmaster
    (10.29.2000 2:54:14 AM EST)

    he looks as if he's enjoying himself
    maybe someones tickling his balls

    please (0 replies)
    started by scord143
    (09.25.2000 11:58:58 PM EST)

    He is not a loser- just a regular person.


    loser (0 replies)  
    started by straws007
    (06.20.2000 7:04:55 PM EST)

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