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88 heads in a duffle bag

By: PhantomPublished: 08/07/1999
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PATNA, India (Reuters)
Eighty-eight human skulls are found in a bag abandoned at a railway station ticketing office in eastern India, a railway police official said Monday.

"There are both children's' and adult skulls. Forensic tests will reveal the sex and age of the skulls," Ashish Ranjan Sinha, inspector general of police, railways, told Reuters.

The abandoned blue air bag was spotted by railway staff Sunday at Patna junction in the eastern state of Bihar and handed over to the railway police who opened it to discover the neatly cut bowl-like skulls.

Sinha said the bag was probably being taken by somebody on a train from New Delhi to Guwahati in the eastern Indian state of Assam.

Police are mystified by the abandoned bag of skulls but are examining every possibility from murder to illegal skull smuggling despite a federal government ban.

Bihar's Director General of Police K.A. Jacob suspects the skulls were being taken for medical studies, adding that an inquiry had been ordered.

In the mid-eighties, state capital Patna was the center of smuggling of human skulls. At that time, India exported human skulls and skeletons to more than 23 countries.

But police have not ruled out the possibility of murder. "We are trying to ascertain the murder theory," Sinha said.

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