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Airline Says It Was Forced To Kill 440 Squirrels

By: PhantomPublished: 04/29/1999
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KLM Royal Dutch Airlines said Tuesday it had been forced to put down 440 Chinese ground squirrels because the animals had failed to meet European regulations.

The squirrels, which arrived in Amsterdam from Beijing en route to Athens, lacked the proper import and health papers, the airline said in a statement.

KLM said the Chinese exporter had refused to take the animals back. The airline said it tried to send the squirrels to a country outside Europe but it had failed to find a suitable home, leaving it with no option but to kill them.

The airline has launched an investigation into the incident, and, in the meantime, has barred all shipments of ground squirrels from China.

Why not join the rest of us on the inside and get all of

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