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Crazed Beaver Terrorizes Farm

By: AnonymousPublished: 06/11/2000
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A Canadian farm woman is still shaking after a crazed beaver attacked her two giant Newfoundland dogs named Bonnie and Billy, pinning them against a fence and savaging them.

"It pinned them. I never though beavers were capable of that," Sam Pshyshlak said from her Manitoba farm 60 miles north of Winnipeg.

"I've lost all respect for beavers. I never would have imagined this from a beaver," she said of the recent incident.

She said the beaver "terrorized" her dogs, which weigh nearly 200 pounds each.

"There was definitely something wrong with it," Pshyshlak said.

The thick pelts of beavers were once Canada's main export and the flat-tailed animal has long occupied a place of honor on the country's five-cent coin. Most Canadians see them as cute and industrious but farmers often regard them as a nuisance for the dams they build and the flooding they cause.

Pshyshlak said the animal that attacked her dogs weighed about 30 pounds and tore at Billy's leg and face.

"In the shed, the whole floor was pooled with blood," she said.

Pshyshlak said conservation authorities said they would try to trap the animal, although she said she hasn't seen hide nor hair of the beaver since the attack occurred.

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trim (0 replies)
started by imart
(10.09.2000 12:38:12 PM EST)

That's a beaver that needs some trimmen and I'm the muskrat for the job.

me like (1 reply)
started by Anonymous Goofball
(07.05.2000 3:55:29 PM EST)

me like goofbaal it good funny yaaa hahaha slurpslurp

Proud Canadian (0 replies)
started by craigerj
(06.16.2000 7:27:46 PM EST)

If you think that beaver is crazy; Don't ever cross a Canadian.

stormie (0 replies)
started by gmcorbin
(06.12.2000 5:17:02 PM EST)

stormie a mixed breed weighing about60 lbs is terrified of aircraft and large bird shawods whenever he sees one. it really is fun to watch his crazy actions and to hear him whine

come on (0 replies)
started by chillchilly
(06.12.2000 4:55:55 PM EST)

if your going to use the title beaver make sure its the the beaver that doesnt bite back,and have a good pic!

What (0 replies)
started by Anonymous Goofball
(06.12.2000 2:59:23 PM EST)

Hows your beaver miss

bat (0 replies)
started by bat
(06.12.2000 10:19:26 AM EST)

I guess in Canada are the both beaver whipped & pussy whipped.

Freedom & Liberty are two things that are being lost everyday by the overpaid, lying, polititions. Our brothers,fathers,sons mothers,sisters,daughters have died to make this country free & we are letting dickhead losers like bill clinton do whatever the

Beaver Meat is good. (0 replies)
started by KiddShady
(06.11.2000 11:37:06 PM EST)

tastes like chicken

I Try Doing Good, But Good's Not Too Good For Me.

Beaver (0 replies)
started by Anonymous Goofball
(06.11.2000 6:05:15 PM EST)

Maybe the dogs hadn't had any for a while and just want some "BEAVER".

Poor little puppies!!!

billbo (0 replies)
started by willheck
(06.11.2000 10:35:00 AM EST)

not very funny


lol (0 replies)
started by thebulldawg
(06.11.2000 7:10:53 AM EST)

Nah, guys, I support the beaver... it was sticking up for what it thought was right... I actually think the woman had three dogs, but one of them got "beaver fever" and turned into a beaver. The other two dogs laughed so hard, the beaver/dog got upset and pinned them against a fence in a violent rage!

You get what you pay for n' freedom's real high priced, and while your rippin' off children, somebody's fucking your wife!

I am proud to be Canadian (1 reply)
started by santochia
(06.11.2000 5:15:42 AM EST)

The beaver can be a ferocious animal, poor woman just needed the right man to tame it.
Canadian beaver is the best.


so eat that shit

!! ! ! ! ! ! (0 replies)
started by deadmanwalking
(06.11.2000 3:29:43 AM EST)

Newfoundlands are big sloppy dopes, a waste of 200 lbs of dog meat. A Yorkshire with PMS could have kicked that beavers ass.

Hey Goofball! (0 replies)
started by Anonymous Goofball
(06.11.2000 1:12:54 AM EST)

Your login routine is fucked up again! Regarding the post, how can you "lose all respect" for a 30 lb. animal that can kisk ass on a couple of 200 lb. dogs! Oh, I'd blow it's head off, but I'd have to respect it. OliverClozoff

first (0 replies)  
started by barney
(06.11.2000 0:17:56 AM EST)

never trust a beaver

barney is not responsible for any content which individual users post. reserves the right to delete any content which it deems objectionable or in violation of any law or regulation.

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