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Drunken Passenger Almost Takes a Major Header

By: BizarreNewsPublished: 07/07/2000
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SYDNEY, Australia - We have heard of cabin fever, but this takes the cake. Airline passenger Henry Smithton was on a plane from Sydney to Tokyo. The bizarre thing is that he was drunk and thought he was on a bus. So disturbed because he could not get off at the next stop, Smithton had to be restrained from tugging on the cabin door at the altitude of 26,000 feet. He was arrested by airport authorities in Tokyo upon landing.

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um..... (0 replies)
started by u12bmebp
(12.27.2000 0:36:18 AM EST)

what a dumbass!

i am master chief bp...and i am god!

You're right, garbagetime ... (0 replies)
started by NakedCanuck
(07.07.2000 11:51:57 PM EST)

...Darwins are soo much more interesting than a near miss.

The Naked Canuck Everybody is somebody else’s weirdo.

No, I've had enough, thank you. (0 replies)
started by garbagetime
(07.07.2000 4:25:06 PM EST)

"Bus? Airplane? Bus? Airplane?"
Too bad he couldn't open the door. Then he could've won a Darwin.

fuck him (0 replies)
started by john78
(07.07.2000 1:31:00 PM EST)

More booze for me!!

They should have just let him.. (0 replies)
started by SuicideKing
(07.07.2000 11:36:33 AM EST)

they always dump the shit from the

AlphaGore (0 replies)
started by AlphaGore
(07.07.2000 9:00:50 AM EST)

This happened to me on Air Force 2 except I had nothing to drink.

dumbass (0 replies)
started by bat
(07.07.2000 8:44:50 AM EST)

thats all i got to say about that.

ummm (0 replies)  
started by Albatros
(07.07.2000 0:14:21 AM EST)

he must have been really really drunk.....

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