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Police Notice Increase in Guns in Canadian Schools

By: BizarreNewsPublished: 12/22/2001
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QUEBEC - A police officer who went to an elementary school to talk to children may need a lesson on firearm safety. The Quebec City police officer visited the school´s washroom and put his loaded revolver on the back of the toilet. He then forgot it and left. A seven-year-old boy found the weapon, and had the good sense to notify a teacher. The school has criticized the police for bringing weapons into the class-rooms, but a police spokesman said, A gun is an obligatory tool of the trade, and went on to comment that he himself was once criticized for entering a church funeral service with his gun in a holster. He said there´s a good side to the mislaid-gun story: the seven-year-old didn´t pick it up.

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Obviously (0 replies)
started by tjshere
(12.22.2001 11:11:41 AM EST)

This was a horrible mistake. But I suppose we've all made a few horrible mistakes at work in our time so it's difficult for me to ream the cop. The kid who found the gun ought to get one hell of a reward though.

Check out that tongue action!
Never fear.....TJ's here!

Guns dont kill people... (0 replies)
started by proverbialchump
(12.22.2001 9:41:17 AM EST)

Children do. Sounds like there still is some hope left in todays kids. This boy must of been raised the same way I was. Under the preventative ass whoping program.

Also sounds like Barney Thife shouldnt be carring a weapon, let alone a badge.

He also forgot (0 replies)  
started by marvin
(12.22.2001 5:01:01 AM EST)

his Tazer .... but the teachers now have very orderly classes !

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