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By: BizarreNewsPublished: 08/20/2001
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(U.S., September) Reedpoint, Montana stages a gentle alternative to Spain´s famous Running of the Bulls. Hundreds of sheep are released down Main Street for six blocks. There are also contests for the ugliest and pretties ewes while shepherds assemble to recite poetry.

Why not join the rest of us on the inside and get all of

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Somebody must say a blessing... (0 replies)
started by willi
(08.25.2001 9:44:49 PM EST)

before this sacred event:

Oh Lord, there's no chance that anybody will be gored,
but with lonely Montana cowboys chasing sheep, we won't be bored!

Ride 'em cowboy!

Montana... (0 replies)
started by proverbialchump
(08.22.2001 11:26:53 PM EST)

Where men are men and sheep are nervous.

Montana (0 replies)
started by nakedcanuck
(08.20.2001 4:06:29 PM EST)

Montana: Land Of The Big Sky, The Unabomber, Right-Wing Crazies, And Very Little Else

The Naked Canuck
Everybody is somebody else's weirdo.
Oh man! (0 replies)  
started by tjshere
(08.20.2001 3:43:33 AM EST)

This has got to be the most difficult "No comment" I've ever done, but I will indeed let it pass with no comment.

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