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Something Fishy Going On In Sweden

By: BizarreNewsPublished: 08/16/2000
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STOCKHOLM - Something smells rotten in Sweden. The world´s first museum dedicated to fermented herring will open in Northern Sweden next year. Experts will be on hand to explain the ancient technique of preserving herring by adding a small amount of salt then letting the fish ferment. For those that don´t appreciate the pungent aroma of the sour herring, which was reported to resemble the smell of dog excrement, the museum will be located on a finger of land outside Ornskoldsvik in the Gulf between Sweden and Finland.

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Sniff, sniff (0 replies)
started by snusktgubbe
(08.20.2000 11:40:46 PM EST)

Jo, det luktar ÄKLIGT!!! Bara norska fittor är sämre.

Smells like fish. (0 replies)
started by SuicideKing
(08.17.2000 12:18:13 PM EST)


Ryän (the §ui©ideKÏng) "This isn't me, I'm not mechanical...I'm just a boy, playing the suicide king.."

Hey (0 replies)
started by rondoogm
(08.17.2000 6:40:06 AM EST)

Anybody know the skank that does the striptease on the forum.

Pull my finger! (0 replies)
started by NakedCanuck
(08.16.2000 10:05:38 AM EST)

Red herring!

The Naked Canuck Everybody is somebody else’s weirdo.

nice (0 replies)
started by bat
(08.16.2000 8:05:15 AM EST)

what a lovly land mark that'll make

Love your country,Question your government.

He's done it again. (0 replies)
started by cheeseboy
(08.16.2000 3:41:21 AM EST)

Foley, why don't you comment onm the article instead of just typing "first"..
Do you have a brain of your own..


I got news... (0 replies)
started by oliverclozoff
(08.16.2000 0:14:15 AM EST)

If it smells like dog shit, it's not "preserved."

There is no frustration without hope.

first (0 replies)  
started by Foley316
(08.16.2000 0:07:14 AM EST)

first is not responsible for any content which individual users post. reserves the right to delete any content which it deems objectionable or in violation of any law or regulation.

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