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Sibling Rivalry Reaches New Highs

By: DirkSteelePublished: 09/12/1999
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Panama City, Florida (AP): Air Force pilots Ken and Katie Ekman have taken their sibling rivalry to the skies.

The pair, who are in separate squadrons, faced off last month during an exercise off the Korean coast, making them what is believed to be the first brother and sister fighter pilots to meet in a mock dogfight.

Katie, 25, a first lieutenant, flies F-15 Eagles with the 67th Fighter Squadron at Kadena Air Base in Japan. Ken, 30, a captain, pilots F-16 Fighting Falcons with the 36th Fighter Squadron at Osan Air Base in South Korea.

Neither side is saying who won. "I'm not all that interested in sorting out who shot who," Ken said.

Katie is deployed on temporary assignment in Turkey where she helps enforce the no-fly zone over Iraq and could not be reached for comment.

Both are following in the footsteps of their father, retired Col. Leonard Ekman, who flew Air Force fighters during the Vietnam War.

Their mother, a high school guidance counselor, said there has been no bragging by either one. "He got my genes," Mrs. Ekman said.

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