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Farm Workers Paid In The Wurst Way

By: PhantomPublished: 06/24/1999
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TALLINN (Reuters)
Cash-strapped farmers in the central Estonian county of Jarvamaa have resorted to paying salaries with smoked sausage and ham, and farm workers are fed up with the practice.

The regional newspaper Jarva Teataja reported that many farms, part of collectives in the Soviet era that have since fallen on hard times, have been unable to pay in cash since March, forcing them to find alternative currencies such as pork products.

"Each month we are working at a 400,000 kroons ($26,300) loss. If we get money at all, it goes to pay the electricity, bank and taxes," local cooperative chief Ulo Saluaar told the paper.

Why not join the rest of us on the inside and get all of

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