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Facts: Largest Breasts and Buttocks

By: PhantomPublished: 01/13/1999
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Largest Breasts
Large breasts are another subject that appeals to MD?s prurient interests, so cases are bountiful in sex literature. After reviewing a number of photos (hey, it?s all for science), I?ve seen mammaries ranging from huge to unimaginably colossal. "The Sexual Anatomy of Woman" by W. F. Benedict tells the cases of one 14-year-old who had breasts weighing 16 lbs. and of a woman of thirty who had knockers weighing 21 pounds each. Another book, Human Oddities by Martin Monestier, thoughtfully encloses a topless photo of a woman with 44-pound breasts measuring 33 inches in circumference.

Now it seems China wants in on the act. In 1995 their official news agency Xinhua ran the headline, "Twelve-year-old Sprouts Gargantuan Breasts." Sounds like our kind of journalism. "Each breast of Ting Jiafen, of Changba village, Gudong Township, Pingtang County, has grown to dimensions of 48 cm long and 30 cm high, weighing about 10 kg," it reported (meaning Ting would wear a size S bra, assuming they made them that big). Her mother, Chen Guoxia, elaborated, "Her breasts began to grow last February, and they were as large as fists by May, getting bigger and bigger afterwards."

Whatever might be said about her breasts from an aesthetic standpoint, they've been nothing but trouble for Ting, who's been plagued with health problems. In early 1993 she became ill and lost the ability to walk. She recovered, but then suffered blindness and now has to quit school to undergo hospital treatment.

Largest Buttocks
Excessive buttock tissue, called steatopygous, or "fat-arsed" (as opposed to callipygous: "possessing beautiful buttocks"; adds that certain mellifluous touch to your locker-room conversations) is rare but not unheard of. The largest examples can be found in the Hottentot tribe of Africa, who possess moons that would make Sir Mix-A-Lot envious. In their most developed state, each buttock can be two or three feet across.

Why not join the rest of us on the inside and get all of

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    need pic's (1 reply)
    started by larosa420
    (11.08.2000 1:02:07 PM EST)

    pic's would be nice because you can not beleive every thing people say

    i have a pic for you too see. i live to party

    Oh Yeah (0 replies)
    started by jamcity1
    (10.01.2000 2:03:30 AM EST)

    My boyz tortle rick and I live for stuff like dhis oh yeah get me more big boobies!!!!!

    Breasts? Tis Good (0 replies)
    started by drakeweed
    (06.02.2000 12:52:50 PM EST)

    Largest ass??? Who the hell wanted to know?? And Chinese girls are big after all.........

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