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Teacher Finds Frog In School Lunch

By: PhantomPublished: 02/01/1999
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So you think just plain broccoli's bad?

A Houston teacher found a dead frog among the serving of healthful greens she got with her school lunch, officials said Friday.

Melody Vizi, a teacher at the Bonner Elementary School in Southeast Houston, made the discovery at lunch Wednesday, a Houston Independent School District (HISD) spokeswoman said.

At first Vizi was unsure what the strange object on her lunch tray was, but after consulting colleagues, her suspicions were confirmed and it was identified as the remains of a frog.

Aramark Corp., which provides food management services to the 270 HISD schools, said every effort was being made to find out what had gone wrong and prevent it happening again.

``It's a serious issue and we are taking it very seriously,'' said Ray Danilowicz, a manager with Philadelphia-based Aramark.

Danilowicz discussed the incident with concerned parents Thursday and said that among other measures, the broccoli served Wednesday had been sent to a laboratory for analysis.

The frog seemed to have gotten among the broccoli when it was being processed and packaged, he said.

Houston is home to former president and avowed broccoli-hater George Bush.

Why not join the rest of us on the inside and get all of

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