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Driver Wanted Even Blind Drivers

By: rogerPublished: 02/26/2006
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Equal opportunity employer.

Driver Wanted Even Blind Drivers

Why not join the rest of us on the inside and get all of

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    Oh pah-leese... (1 reply)
    started by luvly1
    (02.27.2006 1:47:49 AM EST)

    lol.. Why not?

    They still allow old men to drive.. ;-)

    BTW... When are they going to start testing for reflexes for a license renewal for the elderly?

    TJ... Would you pass it?


    lmfao (0 replies)
    started by bigjohn2
    (02.26.2006 9:12:29 PM EST)

    blind drivers...ahahahahhaha

    Well hell (0 replies)
    started by tjshere
    (02.26.2006 11:22:36 AM EST)

    They let women drive, why not blind guys?

    *dives under desk for cover*

    my schween is small but my tongue is mighty!

    uhmm (2 replies)  
    started by leadj
    (02.26.2006 0:21:05 AM EST)

    i think of TJ out on the open road is not responsible for any content which individual users post. reserves the right to delete any content which it deems objectionable or in violation of any law or regulation.

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