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Super Glue

By: obiwanPublished: 11/14/2004
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That looks a great product to seal some women's mouths for good.

Super Glue

Why not join the rest of us on the inside and get all of

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    LMAO @ JBL!! (0 replies)
    started by tjshere
    (11.14.2004 10:50:50 AM EST)

    Imagine squirting a bit of this stuff into someone's tube of Preparation H, KY, or anal lube.

    I can think of a few people worthy of that. Hehehehehe.

    my schween is small but my tongue is mighty!

    This would be (2 replies)
    started by sleepwalker2000
    (11.14.2004 10:40:32 AM EST)

    a good one to email to Gurly. I'm sure she'll love your lead-in line.....:)

    HEY...??? *SW2K*

    looks (0 replies)
    started by bigjohn2
    (11.14.2004 8:43:47 AM EST)

    like its getting ready to give way..

    Woohoo! (0 replies)
    started by luvly1
    (11.14.2004 1:09:37 AM EST)

    You go JBL!


    seal women's mouths for good?! (0 replies)  
    started by jimbobiglotto
    (11.14.2004 0:11:32 AM EST)

    god no! oral sex is rare enough these days!

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