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"We've had leaks out of the administrative branch, had leaks out of the legislative branch, and out of the executive branch and the legislative branch, and I've spoken out consistently against them, and I want to know who the leakers are." - Chicago, Sept. 30, 2003

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Tits T-Shirt

By: robnoxiousPublished: 01/17/2008
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Gotta love this shirt.

Tits T-Shirt

Why not join the rest of us on the inside and get all of

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    Yes..... (0 replies)
    started by apeman0817
    (11.05.2008 8:29:29 AM EST)

    Yes they are, and quite a nice pair I might add.....

    Don't take life so seriously. You'll never make it out alive.

    From the lyrics from Joe Walsh... (1 reply)
    started by apeman0817
    (01.17.2008 8:30:05 PM EST)

    "says it all for me..." (From "I.L.B.T.s")

    Don't take life so seriously. You'll never make it out alive.

    SHIRT? (0 replies)
    started by tomp
    (01.17.2008 10:08:36 AM EST)

    What shirt?

    I think it's time (0 replies)
    started by tjshere
    (01.17.2008 9:26:00 AM EST)

    I got a little more experience with hands-on programming.

    my schween is small but my tongue is mighty!

    That shirt's not necessary (0 replies)
    started by ajk454
    (01.17.2008 5:18:00 AM EST)

    We know they're tits! Now let's see them.

    Nope.... (0 replies)  
    started by inchpecker10
    (01.17.2008 3:28:41 AM EST)

    it ain't the shirt that I love .... is not responsible for any content which individual users post. reserves the right to delete any content which it deems objectionable or in violation of any law or regulation.

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