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George W. Bush
"The law I sign today directs new funds and new focus to the task of collecting vital intelligence on terrorist threats and on weapons of mass production."Source: Federal Document Clearing House, "President Signs 911 Commission Bill," Nov. 27, 2002

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"He wants Texas back."
— Tommy Lasorda, Dodger manager, asked what terms Mexican - born pitching sensation Fernando Valenzuela might settle for in his upcoming contract negotiations. (1981)

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Share A Ride

By: RobnoxiousPublished: 07/04/2003
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It's more like 'Share-a-Bed', Kiss and Ride? What the heck is that?

Share A Ride

Why not join the rest of us on the inside and get all of

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    It ain't hell (0 replies)
    started by thegrandpatron
    (07.04.2003 5:40:44 PM EST)

    My in-laws are here.
    Now that's Hell.

    As long as (0 replies)
    started by marvin
    (07.04.2003 4:22:17 PM EST)

    it's not the back end of a horse ....

    Kiss My Ass ;-)

    Sounds familair (0 replies)
    started by tjshere
    (07.04.2003 1:17:41 AM EST)

    You always have to kiss `em before you ride `em.

    my schween is small but my tongue is mighty!

    Well Rob (1 reply)  
    started by roger
    (07.04.2003 0:38:47 AM EST)

    I don't know what it is either but it points off to the right so you know it ain't hell.

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