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McDonald's McKnoggin

By: MarvinPublished: 12/04/2000
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Newport News, VA -- A customer at a McDonald's restaurant got more than she bargained for when she received her order. Katherine Ortega said she found a fried chicken's head in the box of chicken wings she ordered Tuesday night.

Ortega said someone who wasn't looking closely could have easily mistaken the chicken's head for another piece of chicken, like the leg or a wing. The chicken's beak, the comb on top of its head and some feathers were visible.

Ortega said she wants to know how the chicken's head could have made it past inspectors and into the hands of a customer. "I usually look at my food, but I shouldn't have to look that closely to see that. My 5-year-old probably wouldn't have looked. He probably would have thought it was a chicken leg and eaten it," Ortega said.

The manager at McDonald's offered Ortega another order of chicken and offered to return the chicken's head to the distribution company. Ortega declined.

The health department sent an inspector to the restaurant to look through the rest of the bag of chicken wings. Officials didn't find anything unusual. The incident was reported to the Department of Agriculture.

The McDonald's Corporation said it would look into the alleged incident, stating that food safety is its top priority.

McDonald's McKnoggin

Why not join the rest of us on the inside and get all of

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    so thats (0 replies)
    started by bigjohn2
    (08.16.2003 9:38:45 PM EST)

    where that chicken head went....lmfao

    well actually....... (0 replies)
    started by shanique2011
    (12.07.2000 9:57:25 PM EST)

    Well actually mc doonalds does sell chicken wings but to me there are not that good. maybe they seel them here in kentucky but mc donalds does sell chicken wings.

    Also whats the diference! she still could of at the chicken wing. the head was all ready dead and cooked but i wiouldnt have ate, i would of took to scholl and showed my friends.

    Keiona S. Frye

    wrong restaurant (1 reply)
    started by mefulldeath
    (12.07.2000 7:50:40 AM EST)

    I'm sorry to inform you that the restaurant was Kentucky Fried Chicken not McDonalds... McDonalds does not sell chicken wings... It was all over the news and they mentioned KFC of the chicken head...

    thats fucking nasty (0 replies)
    started by poo17488
    (12.06.2000 9:23:46 PM EST)

    oh my God how gross

    McChunders (0 replies)
    started by cocodog
    (12.06.2000 5:36:16 AM EST)

    At least we know its real chicken now..........unlike their nuggets!

    Just say no to Mcdonalds (0 replies)
    started by rook30505
    (12.06.2000 1:10:17 AM EST)

    I've gotten food poison 3 times from that fucking place(you'd think I'd get it after the second time).Boycott Mcdonalds!Did you know they opened 3 motels in Switzerland?Mcdonalds FUCKING HOTELS!Please,stop the Mcdonaldization of the world!

    Pikachu is the devil.

    The court battle (0 replies)
    started by DogBreath
    (12.05.2000 11:57:53 AM EST)

    Theme to LA law playing.....
    Now Mrs Ortega isn't it true that a chicken's head is part of a chicken? Well yes. Then isn't the lable on the box telling the truth when it says fried chicken? Um I suppose so. Do you think your kid would have noticed it was a chicken head when he ate it? Probably not. Then what's the big fucking deal? I mean aren't you just being picky? Is my client on trial for serving you a piece of chicken merely cut from a slightly different place on a perfectly good chicken? I'M PUTTING THE SYSTEM ON TRIAL YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH IT WAS THE ONE ARM.....oops fuck OK well settle your honor.

    a lawsuit? (0 replies)
    started by Anonymous Goofball
    (12.05.2000 8:22:02 AM EST)

    The woman is suing? What the hell for? I would have found this funny as all hell.

    Trouble Maker (0 replies)
    started by thejudgerules
    (12.05.2000 3:03:20 AM EST)

    I live close to this McDonalds and this black lady is little more than a trouble maker, trying to get her name in the paper and enjoy her 15 minutes of fame. She has checked with an attorney who specializes in suing over food matters like this and he has assured her he can get her at least two grand. Al Sharpton is due on the next train down here.


    huh? (0 replies)
    started by wickedcircusfreak
    (12.04.2000 10:44:49 PM EST)

    let me get this straight, the people at McDonalds gave her head, and she didn't eat the pecker? That is just wrong, she could return the favor.

    ?? (0 replies)
    started by brucewolcott
    (12.04.2000 10:03:33 PM EST)

    shit happens!!!!!

    thumbs up :Ž

    damn man (0 replies)
    started by Anonymous Goofball
    (12.04.2000 8:27:39 PM EST)

    You see all those fat men and women walking along the streets? Guess where they eat 90% of their food? McDonalds. Its sad, really, to see someone eat and eat and eat and not even realize that they are fat and hideous! LOOK IN THE GODDAMN MIRROR! Unless they shatter everytime you're near one.

    Nifty Nugget! (0 replies)
    started by luvly1
    (12.04.2000 7:52:02 PM EST) that's a Nifty Nugget! Who eats that stuff anyway? And the servers?...Teenagers of the year 2000!...Come on! GET REAL! i f you expect higher quality from MIckey D's you really need your head examined! If she was inspecting the food for her child, she knew what the consequences of her dinner choice could be! Not that it is right, but,'s not that big of a deal considering her choice for her family! What a mom! She should be proud!

    wait a sec (0 replies)
    started by htmiles
    (12.04.2000 7:07:49 PM EST)

    I thought Mcdonald's only made mcnuggets NOT whole pieces of chicken. We should all stop eating fast food it is nothing but shit on bread.

    Ha! that was in... (0 replies)
    started by arcane
    (12.04.2000 4:57:09 PM EST)

    The Washington Post.

    I work there (0 replies)
    started by Blinkman
    (12.04.2000 3:31:36 PM EST)

    Its hilarious I work at one in New Jersey.

    boring (0 replies)
    started by Anonymous Goofball
    (12.04.2000 12:26:55 PM EST)

    i live in virginia and this news is allready a week old here! boring!

    Unlikely (0 replies)
    started by TheJoker
    (12.04.2000 12:14:23 PM EST)

    Since when does McD's serve chicken wings and legs?? Where I'm from, all they're called are nuggets... And aren't they breast nuggets?

    Just another reason... (0 replies)
    started by NakedCanuck
    (12.04.2000 10:42:17 AM EST) NOT eat at Mickey-D's.

    I think it was the Colonel.....

    The Naked CanuckEverybody is somebody else’s weirdo.

    Ha! (0 replies)
    started by Anonymous Goofball
    (12.04.2000 10:25:53 AM EST)

    I would have been laughing my ass off if I were the lucky winner of a battered and deep fried chicken head.

    But seriously: it got past the "quality control" people at the processing plant (big surprise!) but the person in the back of the McD's didn't see it when they threw it into the microwave either.

    From now on, you may want to open up the chicken sandwich before biting into it.

    Way to go, Rob... (0 replies)
    started by OliverClozoff
    (12.04.2000 9:02:15 AM EST)

    Bizzare News will have this story in a couple of weeks.

    Somedays you choke the chicken; somedays the chicken chokes you...

    Fellow, American Association of Amateur Gynecologists

    A little head... (1 reply)
    started by MissPK
    (12.04.2000 8:54:22 AM EST)

    ...Won't hurt anyone, Alot of head is even better!


    hmm... (0 replies)
    started by oxbrain
    (12.04.2000 3:47:12 AM EST)

    usually when I give girls head they don't mind.

    "They just fuck you and they fuck you and they fuck you some more. And just when you think they're done fucking you, that's when the real fucking starts"

    after i'm done fucking a chicken (2 replies)
    started by barnyardstyle
    (12.04.2000 1:37:43 AM EST)

    i always cook it for dinner that night. i never eat the head though

    yum yum (0 replies)
    started by uncleslam
    (12.04.2000 1:36:38 AM EST)

    that belongs in a chinese mc donalds
    but who gives a fuck? not me,

    Hair in my food? (0 replies)  
    started by epiwsedis
    (12.04.2000 1:32:36 AM EST)

    The cook should remember to wear his chef's hat next time. is not responsible for any content which individual users post. reserves the right to delete any content which it deems objectionable or in violation of any law or regulation.

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