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"More Muslims have died at the hands of killers than - I say more Muslims - a lot of Muslims have died - I don't know the exact count - at Istanbul. Look at these different places around the world where there's been tremendous death and destruction because killers kill." - Washington, D.C., Jan. 29, 2004

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Ronnie Regan Does Vegas

By: JimmyfromQueensPublished: 02/09/1999
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To continue on a theme of catching presidents in embarassing photos, check out Ronnie when he was doing a couple of shows a night at a Vegas casino in his acting days.

You gotta love that apron he's wearing!

Ronnie Regan Does Vegas

Why not join the rest of us on the inside and get all of

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    Spelling????? (0 replies)
    started by goldenhusky
    (02.10.2001 12:11:38 PM EST)

    It's Ronnie REAGAN, not Regan.

    A FINE is a tax for doing wrong. A TAX is a fine for doing well.

    Sorry (0 replies)  
    started by cheeseball
    (12.22.2000 0:01:43 AM EST)

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