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Hey Hollywood, Support Our Troops

By: RobnoxiousPublished: 07/08/2003
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I love this image, I agree 100% with it.

Hey Hollywood, Support Our Troops

Why not join the rest of us on the inside and get all of

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    Isn't this one of Obi's...... (0 replies)
    started by ladybug
    (07.08.2003 8:37:54 PM EST)

    ...visual insults?
    Good one, Rob.......

    I just love to bug you!

    Hollywood Halfwits... (1 reply)
    started by michaelcarl
    (07.08.2003 7:31:58 PM EST)

    Your History, Buy, Buy.

    A sense of humor is the lubricant of life's machinery.

    One lump or two? (0 replies)
    started by harrymonkbubble
    (07.08.2003 4:32:13 PM EST)

    Allow me to provide the lumps.


    TJ is a huge Dick

    Hollywood was right (0 replies)
    started by marvin
    (07.08.2003 2:18:48 PM EST)

    the war was both illegal and immoral ....

    and I'm a lying shit!

    Kiss My Ass ;-)

    Especially true for Ronald Reagan & Schwarznegger (0 replies)
    started by bbetterm
    (07.08.2003 12:59:12 PM EST)

    This is especially true for asshole actor / politicians ...

    True ...... (0 replies)
    started by thegrandpatron
    (07.08.2003 7:32:39 AM EST)

    so true.

    How about (3 replies)
    started by corjones
    (07.08.2003 5:33:01 AM EST)

    We replace the word Hollywood with "Frenchie" Hahahahaha Oooowww is that a white flag I spy

    that's a big cup (0 replies)
    started by simonsez
    (07.08.2003 1:49:59 AM EST)

    and hollywood needs one even bigger.

    I never forget a face, but in your case I'll be glad to make an exception.

    5 from me (0 replies)
    started by tjshere
    (07.08.2003 1:28:05 AM EST)

    Not much left to add to that is there?

    my schween is small but my tongue is mighty!

    Damn right (0 replies)  
    started by roger
    (07.08.2003 1:12:37 AM EST)

    I give that guy 5 goofballs and more if I could is not responsible for any content which individual users post. reserves the right to delete any content which it deems objectionable or in violation of any law or regulation.

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