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What´s In A Name?
Submitted By: BizarreNews
Article Date: 02/21/2001

New York - A former student of the State University of New York at New Paltz has just won a sexual harassment suit against a professor who called her Monica Lewinsky. The student, Inbal Hayut, claimed the teacher created a sexually hostile environment by repeatedly making comments which associated [her] with some of Lewinsky´s more notorious conduct. Professor Alex Young was accused of saying, How was your weekend with Bill, Monica, and I´ll give you a cigar later. All these comments were made in front of the entire class. She´s a sweet girl and this was very difficult for her, said her lawyer. Some of the students didn´t know her by any other name but Monica. Young´s lawyer called the harassment charge ridiculous. This is political correctness taken to the extreme, he said. However the most ridiculous comment was made by Lewinsky´s spokeswoman who said, Monica is dismayed this incident ever occurred...when people hear her name now, they think Monica Lewinsky handbag designer, and entrepreneur.